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seamless terrazzo

seamless terrazzo

The word ‘Terrazzo’ is derived from the Italian word Terrazza and was created in the fifteenth century when the Venetian marble masons, from the area of Friuli, discovered  new uses for marble debris.  They began to use these ‘leftovers’ of marble in order to cover the surface of the open “terraces” around their houses and which they later treaded on to make compact.

With time new ways to compact were created and later the polishing, giving way to the terrazzo as we know it today.

Continuous terrazzo is now considered a contemporary solution as is interior decorative continuous flooring in modern architecture.  Terrazzo has demonstrated through the years to be the perfect choice for projects that require resistance, beauty and low maintenance costs.

The term “continuous terrazzo” is frequently mistakenly associated with solutions  that generate confusion with other types of flooring that also have a polished finish, usually because they contain a similar ‘stony’ aspect or simply in order to be associated with the prestige that continuous terrazzo holds among experts.



  • A prefabricated product ( floor tiles), it is not fabricated before it is taken to the site.
  • There is no existing catalogue of terrazzo because its possibilities are unlimited.
  • A pure derivation from a natural material (stone, wood):  it requires the intervention of man to create the product using a variety of components.
  • There are no established dimensions as it is laid in continuous form.

IT IS....

  • A hand crafted product, made exclusively for each case.
  • It is created in the actual construction site, IN SITU and its finish is achieved through a process of trimming, refining and polish.
  • Due to this process of fabrication in situ, it does not have a pre-established form and therefore is adaptable to any area.
  • Its elaboration requires the mix of different components ( different types  of stone pieces and a base that can be cement or synthetic), many of which come from recycled materials.

hand crafted and unique

hand crafted and unique

Terracon continuous terrazzo is created in situ based on a sample elaborated in our workshop for each client/project and depending on the particular aesthetic and functional needs.  Each installation is unique and the result is an exclusive flooring, different to any other, based on  hand crafted workmanship and contrary to many of today’s materials that are rapidly installed, standardized and becoming obsolete.