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Terraconti is the leading Spanish firm in the design and implantation of Continuous Terrazzo Solutions for architectural projects nationwide and worldwide.  A highly specialized team along with the most advanced techniques, allow us to continue with the Venetian tradition of a hand crafted material that is not only aesthetic, but also functional and always unique and exclusive.

Terracon Systems


Terracon Systems are the result of bringing traditional and modern together in order to provide the best possible continuous terrazzo flooring, while respecting its hand crafted component, but adding the most advanced techniques, materials and resources available today.  The result is flooring of the highest quality, flexibility and that complies with the most demanding requirements.

Terracon RS and Terracon TH:   two systems; two interpretations of ‘terrazzo’.

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Green Terrazzo

green terrazzo

Continuous terrazzo was originally created in the sixteenth century by the Venetian stone masons who used marble cuttings or debris,  so making it the first existing green flooring.  It is still composed of recycled materials to this day and goes one step further to combine beauty, design flexibility, durability and low maintenance while adapting to the practical demands of sustainable construction.

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Basque Culinary Center
Xanadu Shooping Centre
Sculpture National Museum of Valaldolid
Extremadura Parlament Office
Conference Centre Palacio Euskalduna
DO Ribera del Duero Head Office
Technical University of Alcala de Henares
Colombo Shopping Centre
Shopping Center Marineda City
Palacio Velazquez (Reina Sofia Museum)
Hospital Burgos
European University of Madrid