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green terrazzo


Continuous ‘terrazzo’ is the first existing ecological flooring and one of the first completely recycled products.  Its origin is strongly linked to the use of debris (left over) materials, in other words,  to recycling.



Nowadays the techniques and the wide array of possibilities for the tracking of materials reinforce this characteristic even more;  it is usual to include glass and other recycled components like plastic, aluminum, or even marble and granite debris in the terrazzo composition..


air quality....

Volatile Organic Components (VOC): include all those compounds that when introduced into the atmosphere can be a health hazard and/or damage the environment:  terracon systems do not contain these compounds in any of the versions (RS or TH).  Due to its non-porous surface and thus not a favorable surface for the formation of microbes, terrazzo helps to maintain the quality and cleanliness of the air.


durability and low maintenance....

Traditional continuous terrazzo holds the record of longevity in flooring with a life cycle similar to that of the actual building; a contributing factor to this is the easy restoration of the floor by treating the surface only in order to recuperate its initial luster.

Furthermore, the maintenance of continuous terrazzo is simple, low energy cost and environmentally sustainable.

sustainable construction

sustainable construction

Continuous terrazzo; a highly appraised material by the most prestigious certifications in sustainable construction.  Acceptable for LEED credits in:  MRcr1.3 Building Reuse Credit, MRcr4.1 Recycled Content Credit, MRcr5.1 y 5.2 Local Regional Materials Credit, MRcr2.1 and 2.2 Construction Waste Management Credit y EQcr4.1 Indoor Emitting Materials Credit 4.1 o 4.2 y IDcr1 Innovative Design Credit.